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Your Berlin CSA provides American products that enable you to enjoy a "taste of home", offers services that will make your stay in Germany easier and more comfortable, and sells American Embassy Berlin gifts, apparel, and souvenirs.  

To find out more about CSA Berlin please take a journey through our website, or visit us at the Clay Building or PP2 location at your convenience. If there is anything the CSA can do to better serve you and your family, please do not hesitate to contact us


Who Are We?

We Want Your Feedback!


The last few years we have all faced new challenges, and CSA is no different. We haven't had the opportunity to operate under "normal" circumstances. However, we have done our level best to get a whole new team up to speed, bring you an online shopping experience on our website, and provide new and helpful services including grocery delivery, recycling, and waste pickup. Additionally, we've assembled a group of English-Friendly businesses that are ready and willing to help with your day-to-day living here in Berlin.

We would love to hear how you think CSA has been doing and what you'd like to see from us in the future.  Please take a few minutes to complete this online survey. It will take you less than 10 minutes. We want to be the best we can for our community, so here's your chance to let your voice be heard! 


Meet the Team


Our team from left to right: 
Janda Kuhnert/ Kim Douglass/ Lisa Ward, General Manager 

Become A CSA Member!

Get Involved!

As a member, you are invited to all CSA board meetings. 

The management of the CSA is vested in a Board of Directors comprised of full members, elected by the membership. The majority of the voting Board members must be Direct Hire, U.S. citizen, or U.S. Government employees. Elections are held once a year in April.


Our Current CSA
Board of directors:


Walter Richter - Chairman

Kim Schmidt - Vice Chair

Samantha Kramer Martin - Treasurer

Caitlin Miller - Secretary

Rachel Orth - Voting Member


Where and When to Find Us:


The CSA Commissary and gift shop at Clayallee are located in the basement next to the CLO office.
We are currently open Monday-Thursday from 9am - 1:30 pm,

Our location at Pariser Platz (located in the cafeteria on the main floor) is open
Tuesday and Thursdays from 9:30 - 1:30 pm. 








If you are wondering about the items we get from DeCa and how we come
to the prices that we do, how the "Best By" dates are handled, 

or what our frozen food policies are, please have a look here:

How CSA Prices their Store Items

CSA BERLIN Frozen Foods Policy

CSA BERLIN "Best By" Sales Policy

CSA BERLIN Return Policy



Questions? Get in touch with the form below with any questions, 

or give us a call...

Clayallee store, gift shop and cafe: 030 8305 1253
Pariser Platz store: 030 8305 2092

Our "Best By" and Policies:

Contact Form
Get In Touch!

Thank you! We'll get back to you soon!

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